Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"The Star of Wonder" - Thursday, December 29th , 7-9 PM

Hope you can join us!!

Susan Santos will be our guest speaker.  Here is her story:

I was born at the Jewish Memorial Hospital on December 24, 1954. I was the oldest of four, raised and educated in New York City. My Mom lived on Mott Street at the time of my birth.  Shortly after she moved, settling in Washington Heights.  I loved living there. It was a neighborhood where people cared for one another. The only problem was everybody knew you. Going to the market on Saturday was a challenge. I would go with my Mom and my siblings to the market, every few feet we saw someone we knew.  It seemed that a few minutes walk would turn into hours. Of course as a kid that’s how it seemed.

I married when I was fifteen, had my first child at sixteen, had my second child at seventeen (three weeks shy of my 18th birthday), and my last child at twenty two. The birth of my second child brought about a big change in my life. 

I have four grandchildren:  Kayla 19, Elijah 15, Xavier (Bear) 13,and Daniella 10.  Other than being a mom, being a grandmother is one of my greatest joys!  I love them. They are funny, silly, stubborn and make me laugh at myself and them.

At fifty-one I decided to go back to college.  I have always loved to learn!  I believe an unused mind is criminal. 

At 62 the story of my life is closer to ending than beginning. Many people view life through the lenses of regret. I don’t. I wouldn’t change a thing. I would rather use my energy to change the things I can and learn from the things I can’t change.

God has always been part of my journey, even when I didn’t realize it.  I am a woman blessed beyond measure. The story of my life continues.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kindling Your Twinkle on November 17th - Recap

The night's topic revolved around how to show kindness to our children by diffusing our anger.

Our guest speaker Lisa-Jo Baker shared personal stories and warmly shed light and hope into a topic that is often taboo. 

We also shared some fun moments together with all the mamas who attended and enjoyed the yummy snacks provided by Dana's Dazzlers.

Recap of "WONDERfull You"

It was such a joy to meet with all the mamas who came out for the "WONDERfull You" night.

We watched Louie Giglio's video on 'Laminin' which made most of us get goose bumps at God's glory and how He literally holds us together!

As part of our honour of pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, we played this beautiful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxZhEcTzn6Q

Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016-2017 Season Began with Warmth Around the CampFire

It was wonderful to get together around the campfire, meet old friends and make new ones.