Monday, November 10, 2014

Courage to Be Too Much – November 20th

If you have spent a lot of your life trying to be different than you really are, tonight’s video clip is for you. 
Are you tired of being less of everything?  Less sensitive, less sentimental, less yourself.  If so, you are dulling your creativity to stay in the lines.  
It probably started in high school for most of us and sadly has stuck with a lot of us ever since.  But after tonight you will not be OK with that kind of thinking anymore! Perfection is boring.  It is uniqueness that is compelling.  Our “too much” makes us endearing.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Courage to Face Your Real Mom Fears – October 23rd

This is the title of tonight’s video clip.  Presenter and author of the brand new book Brave Mom, Sherry Surratt, will be our guide as we delve into the fears that are common to most moms.  What if I can’t get my new baby to stop crying?  Will I ever get any sleep?  Will my body ever look “normal” again?  Am I protecting my child enough?  Do you try to swallow the fear and pretend it’s not there?  She will help us to understand that a brave mom is someone who is courageous enough to be real; she admits what’s scary and what makes her anxious.   You will know after tonight that you are not alone!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Be You Bravely - Recap

After what felt like an amazing, busy summer, we were back at Bible Baptist catching up with my fellow MOPS moms and just enjoying the fellowship and friendship we had with each other. You wouldn't believe me if I tell you but I was excited and counting down to Sept 25th since that meant MOPS was back on. In fact my little girl was equally excited about seeing her friends and MOPPETs leaders again and both of us bolted out of the house to pick up the food so we could get to MOPS in time.
Middle-eastern food was on the menu for that night and it was delicious! We were spoilt with the fantastic baklava our "Sweet Annie" made us! Pounds were gained I guarantee you but it was worth every bite!

We had a few new moms, a few old moms who came back to us and lot of our regular moms as well. We had an exciting announcement when Sarah grabbed a mommy packet from the basket!

We shared tales of brave moments in our life as we launched our new season and new theme..."Be You Bravely!"

I can't wait for our next event this week and hope each of you is as excited about it as I am. See you thursday night ladies!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Be You Bravely - Welcome to the new season

Ever felt like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz?  Just wish you could snap your fingers and be more brave?

We've all felt fears and been plagued by self doubt.  But alas .... there is help on the way!!  September 25th will be our start of something brave.  Together, we will learn how to be our courageous selves that we were always meant to be.

Our Brave Hearts team competition has already started.  Which team is going to win?  Will it be the Gutsy Greens, Plucky Purples, Bold Blues, Resolute Reds or the Fearless Fuschias?  

You will be placed on a team when you come to the event on the 25th.

Full course meal will be provided by the MOPS team, so we need you to RSVP by 9/22 [ or 862-239-MOPS].  Need childcare?  We've got that too.
Our fully-qualified MOPPETS childcare staff have lots of great stuff planned for the kids.  But it's only available by RSVP.  We need the names and ages of any kids who will be coming with you by 9/22 also.  Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Messtime Stories!

Our MOPS 2014 season ended with a special night of sharing and celebrating our theme for this year - A beautiful Mess!

We spent our time sharing cardboard testimonies eating delicious food, making bracelets, bagtags or keychains with our kids names and watching a beautiful ballet performance by a young dancer as she portrayed the life of a Mom and her dreams and desires for her little one!

We had a wonderful surprise as Bea introduced Teen MOPS! She got us good with her announcement!