Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday, September 22 - It’s a MOPS Campout!

When we say camping, does it conjure up good memories in your mind?  
Or did all of the bugs and sounds of the great outdoors you thought of make you cringe?  

On Thursday night, September 22nd, from 7- pm we invite you to join us at "Camp MOPS."  
We will be bringing the outdoors inside as we kick off our new season "We are the Starry Eyed." 
The MOPS leadership team will be providing a yummy "glamp out" dinner.  

Please RSVP by Monday, 9/19, 
by emailing us at 
call us at 862-239-MOPS.  

Feel free to invite other preschool mom friends to join you.  No MOPPETS childcare will be provided, so please make other arrangements.  MOPPETS will start up again next month.  

If you wear something with stars on it, you will get an entry into our 
Shooting Stars Contest.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 28th - I’ve Got My Eyes on You!

A gypsy of sorts is how our guest speaker would describe herself. So while no place feels like a permanent home she is learning to accept God’s plan and timing for her life and practice contentment!

She has lived in 4 countries in her lifetime and includes evacuating from Kuwait during the Gulf War as one of the most memorable adventures ever! She would also tell you that nothing in her past experiences could really prepare her for life in the trenches of motherhood. You just need to pray hard for wisdom and guidance in raising the little ones that have been lent to you for a season as they don’t come with a manual or a return policy!

Judy Thomas, one of our own MOPS mom will be speaking to us on noticing goodness in our children. She has been married to Sam for nearly 10 year and together they have two children - Kayla and Mark.

Judy was raised in a Christian home and had the privilege to come to Christ at a very young age but as mom she has come to a better understanding of accepting and showing grace both to herself and others around her.

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