Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sorry...Mom's not perfect!

Mom is NOT Perfect! We all have the image of the perfect mom, well coiffed and dressed in the latest trends, driving a new car with perfect cherubic little children riding in their carseats but any real mom will tell you that there are days, she is running out the door with mismatched earrings, having left her phone on the night stand, the forgotten permission slip still on the kitchen island and a hungry child in the backseat...oh go on please don't deny it and make me feel that it has only happened to me!

We had a lovely evening with Pastor Bill and Diane Hegedus of Bible Baptist Church as we discussed some of our struggles as a parent how we can take steps to encourage our children, encourage ourselves and seek God's guidance daily in our parenting challenges.

This evening was memorable as we had not one, or two but three pregnancy announcements that cleared out Jane's baby announcement basket!

Maria reminded us about the upcoming Passion Play that will be hosted at Felician College so please do check out the play and invite your friends incase they might be interested. The event is FREE so do come out and be blessed.

The crafty mamas went on to make some adorable time out mats for MOM in case she is having a melt down. I'm happy to say that I haven't had to use mine yet! :)

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