Monday, September 22, 2014

Be You Bravely - Welcome to the new season

Ever felt like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz?  Just wish you could snap your fingers and be more brave?

We've all felt fears and been plagued by self doubt.  But alas .... there is help on the way!!  September 25th will be our start of something brave.  Together, we will learn how to be our courageous selves that we were always meant to be.

Our Brave Hearts team competition has already started.  Which team is going to win?  Will it be the Gutsy Greens, Plucky Purples, Bold Blues, Resolute Reds or the Fearless Fuschias?  

You will be placed on a team when you come to the event on the 25th.

Full course meal will be provided by the MOPS team, so we need you to RSVP by 9/22 [ or 862-239-MOPS].  Need childcare?  We've got that too.
Our fully-qualified MOPPETS childcare staff have lots of great stuff planned for the kids.  But it's only available by RSVP.  We need the names and ages of any kids who will be coming with you by 9/22 also.  Hope to see you there!!