Monday, October 20, 2014

Be You Bravely - Recap

After what felt like an amazing, busy summer, we were back at Bible Baptist catching up with my fellow MOPS moms and just enjoying the fellowship and friendship we had with each other. You wouldn't believe me if I tell you but I was excited and counting down to Sept 25th since that meant MOPS was back on. In fact my little girl was equally excited about seeing her friends and MOPPETs leaders again and both of us bolted out of the house to pick up the food so we could get to MOPS in time.
Middle-eastern food was on the menu for that night and it was delicious! We were spoilt with the fantastic baklava our "Sweet Annie" made us! Pounds were gained I guarantee you but it was worth every bite!

We had a few new moms, a few old moms who came back to us and lot of our regular moms as well. We had an exciting announcement when Sarah grabbed a mommy packet from the basket!

We shared tales of brave moments in our life as we launched our new season and new theme..."Be You Bravely!"

I can't wait for our next event this week and hope each of you is as excited about it as I am. See you thursday night ladies!

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