Friday, April 21, 2017

 04/27  Hope for the World, Thursday 7 - 9 PM

Please join us at our next MOPS event on April 27th at 7 PM. Dynamic speaker Lavelle Palmer will be sharing with our group.

Lavelle Palmer leads a full life as the wife of Elder Anthony Palmer Sr. and the mother of 2 young adults, Olivia (20 years old) and Anthony Jr. (15 year old).  However, when armed with the Bread of Life before a hungry group of God’s daughters she operates in an overflow as a teacher and speaker of biblical truths. 
As a graduate of the Fashion Institute Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications, Lavelle noticed several years ago a shifting in her desires …Her aspirations of climbing the “corporate ladder” as a fashion buyer began to be overshadowed by her love to serve her sisters in Christ and other women through the teaching of God’s Word. Once downsized from her dream job in 2011, Lavelle sold out to what God was doing.  It has not been a painless journey, but the revelation and relationships she has gained in the process has proven to be invaluable.  
Now in her 8th season of leading the W.E.L.L. (Women Effectively Leading Lord-ordained Lives) bi-weekly study, Lavelle continues to inspire women with relevant, refreshing and life-changing lessons that can only be found in God’s Word.  She has authored several Bible studies such as, “Life Without Make Up,” “Greater,” “Knowing the Here & Now God,” and “His Unification Method H.U.M,” just to name a few.
“We come in all shapes, hues and sizes.  We may not look alike but our struggles do.  My divine purpose is to speak about the similar tribulations and triumphs shared amongst our sisterhood, encouraging and challenging all those in or desire to be in fellowship with God through Christ to understand they have the ability and kingdom right to go from just living to living W.E.L.L.(as Women Effectively Leading Lord-ordained Lives).”

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